It is more than the expected elation about Dr B R Ambedkar during his 125th anniversary in 2016. The background behind the events some wild and many political and tactical moves during the last few years that made Ambedkar, who is made a symbol of Dalit identity, relevant. But Dr Ambedkar like his contemporary Dr Lohia studied and observed in a non- imperialist country and was influenced by liberal and socialist thinkers of his time. Babasaheb was very critical about the Hindu chauvinism, Brahmanism, and written extensively on Riddles in Hinduism and on ‘Annihilation of Caste ‘ referred to by Madhu Limaye as the non- communist manifesto of annihilation of castes, the entrenched classes. So far around 20 volumes of writings and speeches of Dr B R Ambedkar are published and we are happy that we could post the available writings on our website for the benefit of our readers.

Prof. K. S. Chalam

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