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The following articles / speeches written/given by distinguished scholars on various
aspects of Lohia's ideas, ideals, and life (courtesy of periodicals Mainstream, Think India,
Janata and other sources).

Lohia & the aesthetic revolution - Chandan Gowda

Locating caste in the philosophies of Ambedkar and Lohia - Pankaj Kumar

Lessons from Lohia for Disturbed Times - Justice B. Sudershan Reddy - (3rd Dr. Ram Manohar
Lohia Memorial Lecture, - Speech video is available in Lohia in Media page)

Dr. Lohia - A man far ahead of his times - Prof. Yogendra Yadav

Lohia’s Immanent Critique of Caste - Arun Kumar Patnaik

Ahimsa In Practice - Gandhi on Lohia - From Qurban Ali

Address by Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India at the First Ram Manohar Lohia
Memorial National Lecture - Hindi

Address by Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India at the First Ram Manohar Lohia
Memorial National Lecture - English

Documentary on Ram Manohar Lohia showcased 47 years after his death

Dr Rammanohar Lohia: A Tribute - By Sumit Chakravartty

Remembering Lohia: A Legacy for the Left - By C.N. Chitta Ranjan

Relevance of Rama Manohar Lohia Today - By Prof. K.S.Chalam

Left Unity: Lohia’s Approach (Interview with Dr. Lohia) - by Ravindranath and Ayub Syed

Dr. Lohia: Twoard's New Socialism - DR. Ram Chandra Gupta

Dr Lohia’s Life and Thought: Some Notes - Surendra Mohan

Lohia Line on Destruction of the Caste System - Anand Kumar

Lohia and Empowerment of Women - Radha Ojha

Gandhi and Dr Lohia—Eternal Optimists - S.R. Nene

Dr Rammanohar Lohia: A Rebel Socialist and a Visionary - by Satya Mitra Dubey

Quest for a New Dimension - Madhu Dandavate

Editorial - Think India

Remembering Lohia: A Legacy for the Left - C.N. Chitta Ranjan

Inclusive growth: Why Lohia's legacy is still alive - Rajni Bakshi

Summons for the Global Community: Perceptions of Lohia on Caste and Gender - Manisha

The “People’s Movement Left” and Rammanohar Lohia - Amit Basole

Dr Lohia—Our Revolutionary Mentor - Rajindar Sachar

Lohia's Legacy in Karnataka - By Chandan Gowda

Economic Ideas of Lohia: Some Aspects - Anil Kumar Jain, Parul Gupta

In Rammanohar Lohia’s Birth Centenary Year - Removing the Cobwebs - Surendra Mohan

Remembering Rammanohar Lohia - Pritish Acharya

Lohia’s Thinking on Local Governments - Mahi Pal

Rammanohar Lohia in the 21 Century - Digvijay Sigh

Gandhi and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia - Dr. Yogendra Yadav

The Technology Question in Lohia - Amit Basole

Dr. Lohia: Towards 'New Socialism' - Dr. Ram Chandra Gupta

Illustration of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia's life

Remembering Lohia in the Birth Centenary Year - Janata Special (April 2011)

Ambedkar and Lohia: A dialogue on Caste - Yogendra Yadav

Lohia's Immanent Critique of Caste - Arun Kumar Patnaik

Will the World Listen to Him? - Mastram Kapoor

Context, Discourse and Vision of Lohia's Socialism - Rajaram Tolpadi

Understanding Lohia's Political Sociology: Inter sectionality of Caste, Class, Gender and
Language - Anand Kumar

Lohia's Socialism: An Underdog's Perspective - Sachchidanand Sihha

Lohia as a Doctoral Student in Berlin - Joachim Oesterheld

Many Lohias? Appropriations of Lohia in Karnataka - Chandan Gowda

Understanding Capitalism through Lohia - Sunil

What is Living and What is Dead in Rammanohar Lohia - Yogendra Yadav

Lohia: A Complete Crusader of Freedom - Surendra Mohan

A Cultural Vision That Lived Beyond His Memory - H. S. Shivaprakash

The European Mind And The Indian Intellectual - Kishen Pattnayak

Dr. Rammanohar Lohia - Leader Extraordinary - S. R. Nene

Dr. Rammanohar Lohia and the Quit India Movement - Prof. J. Raghavendhar Rao

Need of Understanding Dr. Lohia - Prof. Anand Kumar

Lohia's Thoughts on the Dynamics of Society and Civilisation - Historiography and Praxis -
Prof. Satya Mitra Dubey

Lohia - A World Thinker in Whom Prison Living and Human Values Meet - Bagawat Prashad

Lohia, Our contemporary - Ashok Celly

Relevance of Lohia Today - Mastram Kapoor

One Gets So Lonely - Harris Wofford

Gandhi, Nehru, Jayaprakash Narayan, Lohia - Prof. C. Lakshmanna

A Vedantic Study of Lohia - Mastram Kapoor

Evolutionary Socialism And Lohia in the 21st Century - Bhagawat Prasad

Growing Up With Doctor - Nandana Reddy

Rammanohar Lohia And The Methodology of Social Sciences - Prof. K.S. Chalam

Dr. Rammanohar Lohia's Contributions to Civil Society - Justice B. Sudarshan Reddy

Lohia Line on Destruction of the Caste System - Prof. Anand Kumar ( Mainstream Weekly)

Locating Lohia in Feminist Theory - Jaya Shrivastava

Development in Democracy - A Lohia Agenda for 21st Century India - Nandana Redd
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