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The following writings / speeches written by, given by distinguished scholars on various
subjects / topics impacting regional, national, and  international social, political,
economic, and cultural interests

Recalling Sunil: A Socialist Intellectual among the Oppressed - Anil Sadgopal

Electing a Representative - Jyoti Punwani -Economic and Political Weekly

Krantadarshi, for Dr Lohia Centenary Celebrations- Upendranath C

A New Specimen of Corporate Politics -Prem Singh

Who is Guilty of Chardham Disaster: Deluge of faith or Market Mantra? - K.S.Chalam

Towards a History of Non-violent Resistance - David Hardiman (Economic & Political Weekly)

Coronation of a phenomenon (Ravuri's Jnanpith) - Gollapudi Maruti Rao (From Hans India)

Return of the Native, S.V. Rama Rao - From Hans India

Should Dalits Remain Ugly? - K.S.Chalam

Charlie Chaplin Happens Only Once - -Ampashayya Naveen

A Constructive Challenge to the Political Class - The Aam Aadmi’s Party  - Anand Kumar

What Does Economic Survey Tell Us? - K. S. Chalam

Rape Rage - Nandana Reddy

Paul Kurtz-Father of Secular Humanism - Innaiah Narisetti

Paul Kurtz-Secular Hamanist Philosopher - Ravela Somayya

Reservations in Promotions - Mastram Kapoor

For Abolishing Commercialization of Education and Building A Common School System -
Chennai Declaration

Divergent Visions of Economic and Financial Advisers - K.S.chalam

Expanding Frontiers of Public Law - Justice Sudarshan Reddy

Euro Crisis And India - K.S. Chalam

Democratic Socialism versus Social Democracy - K.S. Chalam

Is the Constitution a Log book? K.S. Chalam

Social Economy of Development in India - K.S. Chalam

A Mother's Sneha - Nandana Reddy

Public Schools Versus Private Schools - K.S. Chalam

Agriculture as necessary condition of 'inclusive growth' - K. S. Chalam

Statehood for Telangana - Justice B. Sudarshan Reddy

Green Revolution - Fact and Fiction

Gitam Foundation Endowment Lecture - Justice. B. Sudarshan Reddy

The Concerned for Working Children, India, Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize - 2012

Obituary - Kotta Satchdananda Murty - Ashok Vohra

The Notion of Indianness: An Elucidation - Ashok Vohra

Ideological Crisis in Delhi? - K.S. Chalam

Tripuraneni the Dravidian Icon in Andhra - K.S. Chalam

Future of Feminist Movement - Ampashayya Naveen

Socialist Party Resolution - Celebrating the Reforms

Children of the Army - Michael Miovic

Anna and His Critics - Bhagwat Prasad

Political and Economic Resolution of the Socialist Party

Two Historical Judgements - Mastram Kapoor

Honorary Doctorate for B. Vivekanandan from the University of Helsinki - P. Viswambhran

Necessity of Decentralization for the Improvement of Health in India - Dr. Srinivas Guntupalli
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