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The following writings / speeches written by, given by distinguished scholars on
various subjects / topics impacting regional, national, and  international social,
political, economic, and cultural interests

Rethinking Marx - Arvind Ghosh (from frontier)

Tributes to Prof. Keshav Rao Jadhav

Letter from a Birmingham Jail - Martin Luther King, Jr. - And a tribute from C.B. Triphathi

Has the Intellect a Function? - Wilfred Trotter

Global Significance of Champaran Satyagraha -S.N. Sahu (From Mainstream)

Revisiting the Idea of ‘Violence’ as Means of Achieving Political Ends - Dr. A. Raghu Kumar

American Subprime Crisis and Demonetisation in India: Are They Twins of Same Mother? -
Prof K.S.Chalam

Philosophy-Its Relevance to Contemporary Indian Society - Prof. K. Venkateswarlu

Interview with activist Masooma Ranalvi - From The Hindu

Interview with Prof. Vivekanandan on his new book

Gauri Lankesh - Varvarao, Civil Rights Activist

Freedom of Speech - Justice B. Sudershan Reddy

Noam Chomsk backs Medha Patkar's movement

Constitutionalism, Social Justice, and Black Money - Justice (Retd.) B. Sudershan Reddy

The modification of India - Nandana Reddy

Tribute to Syed Shahabuddin - Qurban Ali

Learning from Hundred years of Dravidian Movement - K.S.Chalam

A Stalwart Departs - Prof. N.G. Ranga Nov 7th 1900-6th June 1995)- Prof. Hiren Mukherjee

Intellectual Tolerance (Vaicharik Sahishnuta) - Dr. Ramendra

Social Democracy, Welfare State System, and India - Prof. B. Vivekanandan

Social Democracy as Transitional Phase of Scientific Socialism ‐Prof. K. S. Chalam

The Casteist Measure of Academic Excellence in India and Its Implications- Prof K.S.Chalam

The Footsteps Of A Famine - Prof. Yogendra Yadav

South Asian Delegation to China: Experiences and Perceptions about a Rising Red Star ‐ K.S.

B. D. Sharma - (Janata Weekly 20th December, 2015)

Socialists & the Legacy of Indian Freedom:Thoughts on Jawaharlalji’s Birthday - Anil Nauriya

Justice Party - Torch-bearer of reform - K. Veeramani (The Hindu)

Remembering E.F. Schumacher - Dr. Vishwanath Tandon and Dr. Y.P. Anand

Gandhian Economist E.F. Schumacher - Aruna Ravela

Intolerance through the years: 1934 to 1975 to 2015 - By Anil Nauriya  

Jailed in Baroda Dynamite Case, a Socialist Leader Looks Back on the Emergency - Sidharth
Bhatia (From The Wire)

A Daughter Remembers - Nandana Reddy (The Hindu)

State of Indian Farmers - A Report

An Open Letter to Arundhati Roy by an American - Dr. P. K. Willey

In Absentia - Where are India’s conservative intellectuals? - Ramachandra Guha

Liberalisation of Education Widened Caste Inequities - Prof K.S.Chalam

“Saptkranti” is needed now, more than ever! - Dr. Sunilam

Balancing Samskara Dynamic and Socialist Dialectic-Glimpses of Professor Anantha Murty -
Prof. M. Sivaramkrishna

The Controversial Bard, U.R. Ananthamurthy - Nandana Reddy

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