Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi

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Modesty and humility in times of crisis - Sanjay Palshikar

A Freudian’s Inquiry into Gandhi’s Truth - Dr. A. Raghu Kumar

Revisiting the Idea of ‘Violence’ as Means of Achieving Political Ends - Dr.
A. Raghu Kumar

Gandhi - A Revolutionary? - Dr. A. Raghu Kumar

A.K. Dasgupta on Gandhi and the Economics of Austerity - Pulin B Nayak (From

Gandhi and Roy - The Interaction of Ideologies in India by Dr. Dalton - Compiled by

Celebrating Champaran -Irfan Habib

Anthony J. Parel’s contribution towards understanding Mahatma Gandhi - Dr. A.
Raghu Kumar

The Champaran Crusade - Jawaharlal Jasthi

Gandhi on Princely and Temple Property - Prof. K. Venkateswarlu

Battlefield Banaras - Mahatma's enduring relationship with the city - Ram Chandra

Criticising Gandhi - A note on Historiography, Politics and Method - Anil Nauriya

Gandhian Ethics for a socially Relevant Market Economy - Y.P. Anand

Rereading Gandhi - K SatchidanandanRemembering E.F. Schumacher - Dr.
Vishwanath Tandon and Dr. Y.P. Anand

Gandhi’s Banaras Hindu University Speech (February 4, 1916)

Independence And Social Justice - Understanding the Ambedkar–Gandhi Debate -
Rajmohan Gandhi

Please let me know who follows Gandhi? - Dr. Suniam

Spirituality United Gandhi and Ambedkar - A. R. Ananthamurthy

Confluence of Thought- Mahatma and Martin Luther King Jr. Bidyut Chakrabarty

Prof. Irfan Habib's lectures:
Prof.Irfan Habib on Gandhi's Finest Hour by Prof.  Irfan Habib 30th January 2015

Distinguished Lecture "Interpreting Secularism" by Prof.  Irfan Habib at University of Hyderabad A Festival in Defence of Secularism', organised by the
Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) in association with the Students' Federation
of India (SFI) in JNU on 30 January 2015, the 67th anniversary of Gandhi's

Prof. Irfan Habib lectures on Indian National Movement
The Center of Advanced Study, Department of History (Summer University Programme
2013) Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh Published on Mar 28-29, 2015

Lecture 1 -

Lecture 2 -

Lecture 3 -
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